Color Street- a few of my favorite things

It is no secret that I love the direct sales industry and adore the amazing products that I find.  I discovered these about 2 years ago and have been addicted to them every since.  Color Street is a revolutionary way to think about polish!  It isn’t bottle polish.  It isn’t a vinyl wrap or a sticker… it is pure genius!

For decades, polish has been a pain and a 2 week commitment.  For some reason polish never dries on me.  I can sit under the drier, use the spray, wait 30 minutes and it still dents. For the type A in me, 3 rounds in the uv dryer is about more than I can take anyway.   Eventually, I went to pink and white acrylics with a buffing paste.  BORING but it matched everything.


Fast!  With these little magic strips, I can have the perfect manicure to match any outfit or occasion in minutes!  Just select a size, peel and smooth on!  PLUS, it is instantly dry.


Versatile! I love that I can change them out in minutes.  Yes they wear for about 2 weeks if you are a value shopper.  If you are a variety shopper …. this is the greatest thing to happen to nail polish … since … well … nail polish. These polish strips put nail polish staunchly in the accessory category like earrings.  I can change my nails with every outfit!

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Pedicures!  Because polish never dries right on me and I love pointy toe shoes, a salon pedicure rarely survives 3 days.  The polish immediately wears off of my big toe.  These last for weeks, perfectly.



Mother/Daughter Time!  Sydney and I do our nails together while we watch TV.  We experiment, layer, laugh and bond over glitter. And because you can do your fingernails and toenails with a single pack of strips, it is a fraction of the salon. The nail art alone would be $6 a nail. Sometimes, we even do manis with friends!


Creativity! I love that we can mix, match and layer to create beautiful combinations for any occasion. There are solids, glitter, clear overlays and more.  Here are a few of our favorite looks!


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