You and You Alone Are Responsible for Your Success

As a business development coach, I am concerned.  I am concerned that somewhere along the way we picked up the belief that life and success should be easy.  Perhaps that is a symptom of the ever expanding millennial mindset.  Everyday I work with frustrated, struggling entrepreneurs.  They are frustrated because it’s “hard”.  I hear an increasing amount of excuses and I hear a lot of blame for their perceived lack of success.  It’s my company’s fault, it’s my upline’s fault,  I don’t live in the right area of the country,  my Husband isn’t supportive.  The list is nearly endless.   I see people quit or change companies thinking that it will somehow be better or different.

Here is the real deal with all the love in my heart… none of these things are standing in your way.  You are standing in your way.    It isn’t anyone else’s job to hand you what you need on a silver plate.  No one promised it would be easy.  None of us got that deal. Successful people, push through, work around, get creative and find a different way.  The HARD is what makes you GREAT!  It is what teaches you the lessons you need to learn in order to move on to the next level.  Without the HARD, there can be no growth.
GROWTH is the secret to success.

The help you need IS out there but you may have to hunt for it, you may have to PAY for it.  If you want to grow, you will find it.  Nobody owes it to you… not your recruiter…not your upline and not your company.  Personal development is an inside job!



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