New Features for Pinterest

Pinterest recently released new features that can be helpful to you in your business!

Archiving Boards
If you use boards for seasonal collections, you will love this feature.  When a collection is eliminated from your offerings, simply archive it.  This keeps your profile clean so that visitors can find the most current products.  To archive, tap the Edit button on your board, next tap Archive on the lower left. Archived boards appear in a new section at the bottom of your profile. Only you can see your archived boards but, you can still share them with others via the send button.


Reorder Sections
This long-awaited feature allows you to change the order of your Boards.  This allows you to pull the most important or timely sections to the top or rearrange them to suit.  Look for the ORGANIZE feature from your phone or laptop.  From laptop you can also “grab” and drag the sections.


Rearrange Pins
Another long-awaited feature allows you to change the order of pins within a board.  This ability to reorder is extremely helpful when creating a board.  Again, look for the organize feature within the board.


Looking for these boards?  Find them here!

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