About Michelle


Thanks so much for stopping by.  If you have stumbled upon my blog then you are probably in search of resources to help you grow your direct selling business.  I began in the glorious industry nearly 25 years ago.  The journey has changed my life, changed who I was, altered my life plan and I am so blessed by every second of it.

If you don’t know my story, I am Mom of a teen age daughter who is the apple of my eye and married to the love of my life. We live in the Tennessee where we resettled after my Husband’s Army career.

 I began my direct selling career in the late 1980’s to help pay may way through college and decorate my first home for Christmas (it was a holiday decor company).  That was the beginning of my direst selling life.  From there I joined a cosmetics company and the rest was history.  I was with the cosmetics company for over 15 years earning trips, cars, jewelry and more while generating millions of revenue for the company.  I was one of the foremost trainers in the company, top achiever, double car earner and more.

It was at the height of my career that I began  to feel a calling to do what I could only describe as “more”.  I was offered my first corporate position and found that “more” that I had been chasing.  I worked for a number of companies at critical junctures along their path like Origami Owl, Lulu Avenue and Nouveau Cosmetics helping them to grow.  I learned some new skills and honed others making me who I am.

Today I work as a private business coach for top performing leaders, a direct sales trainer and a corporate consultant.  My mission is simple… building the industry one person at a time, one dream at a time and business at a time.