Recently, I have been working with a leadership group to grow their businesses.  I noticed a pattern, a reluctance to make tangible business commitments.  I have a difficult time getting them to verbalize their goals.  This is such a struggle for so many.  Studies show that only about 10% of people write down their goals and create dream sheets.  Yet, it is the first thing a coach or motivational speaker will have you do!

So why the resistance?  It came to me yesterday reading a Jack Canfield post.  The resistance is rooted in fear.  I remember struggling with this my self as a young field consultant in Direct Sales.  It seemed safer to give it 90% of my effort than 100%.  If I gave it only 90% and failed, I could say “Well I did not give it my all.  Had I given it my all, I would have accomplished it”.

I was playing not to loose, instead of playing to win….  Instead of focusing on being the best that I could be, I was focusing on not failing.  My fear of failure was stronger than my desire for success and excellence.  That thought process limited me and everything I did.  John Maxwell calls that a “Lid”.

Fortunately, that was  turning point in my life. I remember being ashamed of what ,all of the sudden, looked like cowardice!   I took a “swing for the fences” mentality.  I decided that if I was going to strike out,  I was going to do it with BRAVADO!  But if I  connected, get out of the way!  You can’t crack one out of the park swinging for a base hit.  And no body goes in the record books for singles.  Babe Ruth struck out 1330 times with 714 home runs.  Is he a failure or a success?

Commit to your dreams my friends.  Commit to them in a real and tangible way.  Commitment starts with allowing yourself to dream.  Owning that you are deserving of your desires. Create a tangible dream sheet.  Share it with someone who will remind you of what you want, celebrate your success and dust you off when you strike out.  Yes there is risk.  But the greater the risk, the greater the rewards.   Swing for the fences!

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