New Products YAY!

You are at your company event and they are giving you a sneak peek at what’s coming for Fall and Q4.  What’s a girl to do?  Tweet, Instagram, pin and post all the good news right from the conference?  Why not, right?  After all, your company didn’t say you couldn’t. Well…. here are a few reasons for you to consider

1.You probably have a few dates left in August that you need to fill or perhaps, coming off of the summer lull, ALL of your August dates.  Advertising to your potential Hostesses what they can receive in September or October probably will not help you book up August!

2. Unless you have that product in your hot little hands, there is always the chance that the product debut will be delayed.  (I can tell you horror stories of delayed launches).  When you set up expectations in the customer’s mind that you may not be able to fulfill, YOU (not your company) create customer service issues in your business.  YOU break trust with your client.  It is your reputation that is ultimately damaged when you fail to deliver (even if it outside of your control).  The customer isn’t buying from the company, they are buying from you!

3. Most often, seasonal product are limited.  You could run the risk of advertising to your customers only to have them find (after 2 months of waiting) that the product has sold out.  Again, more unhappy customers.

The message is simple,  take control of your business.  Make sure that you under-promise so that you can always OVER deliver. You will build happy, loyal customers and hostesses.  Use the information that you have been given to strategize for Fall and Q4 but you may want to think twice about letting the cat out of the bag to your customer base.

Happy Selling!

 Michelle Archer is a certified coach with nearly 25 years experience in direct sales. Michelle works with companies and individuals to explode their business potential. Connect with her on Facebook Learn more at

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