Beauty Society-A few of my favorite things

We have such amazing products in our industry.  Unfortunately, so many people never try them because they don’t know about them.  Anytime I run across a true gem, I love to share.  I always shop here, in the direct selling industry first and I am rarely disappointed.

Recently, when looking for skin care, I went to my community.   I was surprised when the Founder of Beauty Society reached out to me personally!  Jeannie was passionate about ingredients.  I was so impressed by her  serious commitment to the preservation of our environment as she walked me through the multiple ways her company limits waste in their packaging and even plants trees for each refil ordered!    She was funny, completely down to earth and excited to share her amazing company with me.  It felt like a girlfriend sharing with another girlfriend.  After a few questions about my skin’s needs, she sent me a lovely package of goodies.

jeanie lorin

As far as the company I love:

  • Upscale, glass packaging
  • Serious ingredients
  • Fun, tongue-in-cheek names (like Fake ID)
  • An unheard of 1 year skin care guarantee
  • Cruelty-Free and no animal testing
  • Paraben & sulfate free
  • Product Refill program
  • Unique tree planting partnership
  • Made in the USA

After a month, I have to say that I am in love with the results.  No, no naked faced before and afters from me.  You’ll just have to trust me when I say that my skin is hydrated and more elastic than before.  Even the back of my hands are transformed from where I rub the excess on my hands!  So here are my favs!


  • Easy Going Cleanser
  • Drama Free Repair Serum
  • Fake ID (glycolic serum)
  • All Nighter Resurfacer
  • Love Thy Face Miracle Moisturizer
  • Mission Accomplished Age Reversal Cream
  • Perfect 10 Liquid Foundation

I think this company is one of the best kept secrets in our industry.  Pop by their business page and tell them Michelle sent you!  You just may discover a brand new favorite like I did!


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