Rude Social Media Behaviors

Yes, I said it RUDE.  Social Media Experts and Trainers often tiptoe around using words like “ineffective” or “unhealthy”.  What we really mean is RUDE.  You see my friends, social media is a network of human beings.  Those human beings have feelings and reaction regardless of the venue.  People need to feel valued. People need human relationships.  Selling is a RELATIONSHIP business.  When you ignore the relationship rules, you are most likely to alienate people and turn them off… not sell or sponsor.

Tagging People
Now, tagging can be done well.  Let’s talk about the other 99% of tagging.  Tagging your “friend” on your page, event or sales post when you have had ZERO conversation around it and they have expressed ZERO interest in it is… you guessed it RUDE!  You have basically risen to your feet in a crowded room of their friends and YELLED their name.  When everyone turns to look you say “Look what I am selling”.  Oh my, Emily Post must be spinning like a top in her grave.  Try that at the next baby shower you attend.

Sending a friend request followed by an immediate solicitation. 
If you are guilty say I”.  Perpetrators, you are that sleazy guy at the club who doesn’t even bother to offer to buy you a drink first.  You just want what you want.  You are looking at that person solely as a lead or a fan page like.  END.OF.STORY.  #StopIt  Never do that again, ever. Build a relationship, find common ground, ask them what they do.  Act like a person not a desperate, used car salesperson.

Adding people to groups or events without a single word. 
Is it ineffective, yes.  Do the majority see your post, no.  Do most leave, yes.  Do some even report you for spam, YES.  WHY, because it is RUDE.  It is also lazy behavior (there, I said that too).  If you are too busy to extend a private chat message to everyone on your list… shorten your list.  You will get greater results and not become “that person” who is always adding me to groups trying to sell me something.

I understand when you are new to the industry you try and emulate what you think works.  I understand that companies do far TOOOOO little training on this for you.  I understand that there is a lot of really BAD training and advice out there. I understand that you see these behaviors daily.    You often see them from people who are “successful”.  I can guarantee you THAT behavior is NOT why they are successful. Slow down, build relationships.  Find out what the individual’s needs are and then begin filling those needs through your product and your opportunity.  You will get farther in 2 weeks of relationship building than in 2 months of these guerrilla social media tactics.

Said with love because I care about you, your business and our industry,




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