American Struggle is Great News for Direct Sales

CNBC  released a report with some startling news that can have HUGE implications for recruiting and sponsoring the Direct Selling Industry!

  • 40% of all adults surveyed by the government say they couldn’t cover an unexpected $400 expense with cash or savings, according to federal data they  would have to sell something or borrow money.
  • The report shows hardship continues for people working to repay college loans, cover emergency expenses and manage retirement savings.
  • Only 1/3 of Americans report that they are living comfortably.
  •  40% of working adults believe they’ll have sufficient savings for their retirement
  • Another 25% have no retirement savings or pension at all.

Here is what this means to you, nearly half of the people in your network need an additional stream of revenue.  They need to build saving, pay off student loan debt, pay for college, build emergency funds and retirement accounts.  In fact 65% of Americans have little to NO retirement funds.  You can help them accomplish that with business ownership.  Business is the great equalizer.  It is the only way to put oneself in control of their income and future.  You have that power!

Learn to listen well in conversations and make this “reason why” a part of your conversation as it applies to them.  Nearly HALF of your prospects do not have an extra $400 cash.  An unexpected bill or repair would be catastrophic for them.   Help them fix that with an opportunity instead of a part time job.



CNN Money


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