Sanity Check

We have all been there.  The lie we tell ourselves is… “If I can just get this done, then I will be ahead {caught up, done etc}.  You throw time after effort at it yet, it refuses to yield.  You just can’t seem to tame the beast.

Suddenly, you are working 7 days a week “doing your best” to make it work.   You know the scene…parameters constantly shift, there isn’t enough time,  ROI is vague. You are exhausted, can’t sleep, relationships are suffering.  You are literally killing yourself yet you can’t succeed.   Are you a failure?  Why can’t you get caught up?  Are you bad at your job?  The simple answer is no, you are not bad at your job.  You are a victim of unreasonable expectations.

You may have guessed but I am an over-achiever… a go-getter.  One of the things I pride myself on is my reputation.  Nearly everyone I have ever worked with says the same thing “Michelle Archer doesn’t miss a trick”.  That makes me beam with pride.  I deliver ahead of time and more than is expected.  In short, I am no slacker.  Yet, I have found myself in this exact situation.

The inability to deliver is perplexing when you are used to simply “getting it done”.  It is important to recognize when it can’t be done. It can’t be done for one of two reasons… it is an unreasonable request or it is an unreasonable time frame.  Neither of those things are your failure.  Your job is to acknowledge the impossibility of the task and make peace with the outcome.  Nothing {no job, no school play, no church cotillion}  is worth your sanity.  Life is SHORT. You will never get back a second that you spent being driven insane by other people’s insanity.




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