Free Tax Tips for Direct Sellers

‘Tis the season for stress, headaches and IRS forms… TAX TIME!  Never fear, DSi and I are here with a few friends!

Did you know that the tax codes change from year to year?  Some years like this one have MAJOR changes to deductions and allowable thresh holds.  The common practice of getting tax advice from your upline can mean that you are getting advice based on last year’s tax laws or worse!  Your upline (no matter how wonderful and informed) is not a tax professional.  Myths have persisted for decades in regards to taxes.  These myths are perpetuated consultant to consultant within our industry.  All of this can result in over payments, penalties and trouble with our friends at the IRS.

Each year, I bring your the MOST timely tax tips from working CPA and tax professionals who specialize in home based business taxes.  My goal is to help you keep your hard earned money, make more and set you up for success next tax season.  We cover current tax laws, all important deductions as well as business records!

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