So what to talk about today?  I feel like attitude is appropriate but as I began writing it became more about perseverance and resiliency. Certainly your attitude drives your ability to “bounce back” and push through.  Certainly Faith gives you the courage to stand fast.  So I am not quite sure what I am blogging about today.  But here is what is on my heart to share:

Sometimes things do not always go the way we would like or had intended.  Even despite our best efforts and most diligent work!  During those time it is so easy to get discourage, to give up on our dreams, to feel like a failure and even quit.  But when you know in your heart that you are in the right place, you just have to push through.  

I always ask myself “What am I supposed to be learning?…. What am I missing?… What is God trying to teach me?”   Sometimes you are there purely for someones else’s lesson and it isn’t about you at all.  Whatever the matter, God will never put a desire in your heart and then not gift you with the tools to make it happen!  So you must keep your eye firmly fixed upon the horizon. 

Sometimes we do need to re-evaluate or take a different route to our goal.  Sometimes we are not heading quite in the right direction and disappointments are a gentle nudge back on the right path or a better path!  Sometimes we are being blessed with invaluable experience that will serve us well at a later date.  Whatever the case, we can not ever let the little disappointments and setbacks beat us! 

 Fall seven times and stand up eight ~ Japanese Proverb

Tomorrow I promise we will do something more “nuts and bolts”.  Have a blessed day!


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