A Few of My Favorite Things Posh

In my travels, I have tried dozens and dozens of products.  I am sure there are great products outside the DS industry but I’d rather shop here… in my community.  It’s my version of local.

Summer sun has my skin parched and I went looking for a solution.   Here is what I found.

Brazilian Bomb Shell Body Butter. I remember this one from my time there on the corporate side.  It is decadent, rich and for some reason reminds me of when we lived in Hawaii.

Beach Blanket Bath Soap offers a thick, rich lather in a delightful beachy scent (noticing a trend?  I may need a beach day)

Beeautiful Hand cream. This honey centric scent is heavenly.  It is super hydrating without being greasy.

There are my bath and body finds, what are yours?

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