What Goes in an Opportunity Packet?

The first thing to understand about an opportunity packet is this… it doesn’t recruit people. There is not a perfect pack.  So, don’t get side tracked on creating literature or resources.  You have what you need!

Your opportunity packet should provide basic information to anyone who might be interested in starting a business. It may be tempting to include all the information you can think of, but you do not want to overwhelm your potential Consultant. You want the pack to serve as a conversation starter, not answer every conceivable question. The point is for her to come back to you for more information and answers.  Make the packet pretty and include some sample products if possible.  Create an intrinsic value in the packet itself.

Here are a few suggestions of what to include:

  • Business Kit
  • Brief compensation Plan Document
  • Any opportunity literature your company provides
  • 3 Types of Consultants quiz
  • Product Catalog
  • Product Samples

Offer packets during your Facebook parties, lives, in person shows and during your customer follow up conversations.  You never know who is interested or may know someone who is! Offering let’s you find out.

Create an appointment reminder to follow up within 72 hours as you give (or mail) the pack.  Keep good records and remember that a NO today is a yes tomorrow!


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