The Beauty of Direct Sales

If you know me, it is no secret that I am total sap!  No one ever cries alone in my presence!  I am totally in LOVE with Secret Millionaire and Undercover Boss!  At the core of both of those are heart warming, tear jerking stories of changing lives and having your life changed in return! If you are not familiar… the Secret Millionaire goes on a mission to find worthy charities  to donate around 100,000 to.  It is always so amazing to watch their transformation over that short hour.  You often hear them say… “I had forgotten” or “I remember when” or “I had no idea people live like this”.  It changes them forever just as they are changing the lives of those around them forever.  So many of the recipients say “I have been praying for a miracle” or “I didn’t know how we were going to keep the doors open”…  There donation also validates a life of service.  Last night one of the ladies said “You wonder if you are really making a difference”

Under cover boss is much the same.  They go under cover to see how their businesses really run  when no one is looking.  What they really find is hard working people making sacrifices, trying to raise their families despite adversity.  The bosses’ lives are changed as well.  And they change lives by rewarding good employees with college scholarships for their children, or funds to treat life threatening illnesses, promotions and even a franchise of their own!  Both remind me that we can all be someone’s miracle.  

That reminds me of a cute story by John C.  Maxwell (former preacher and Leadership GURU) about a beautiful garden.  The garden had once been an abandoned lot.  The gardener worked on it for months, toiling in the hot sun and produced this labor of love.  One day a gentleman stopped by and said “God sure has blessed you with a beautiful garden”.  Remembering all the hard work that he had put into this plot of land, the farmer replied, “You should have seen it when God had it all by himself.”  The moral for me was …God isn’t going to do it by himself!  He needs my hands!
I think that is what has always driven me in Direct Sales… making a difference… letting God work through me to make that difference.  When I was a little girl, my mother used to say “Michelle it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you leave your little corner of the world a better place.”  I truly found that vehicle of change in Direct sales.  And just like my two new favorite shows… I am changed as I bring change.

As a Leader in Direct Sales, you don’t just sell product.  You educate, mentor and encourage others.  You hold a mirror up to their faces to show them what you see in them.   You celebrate her and her success.  You cry with her over life’s disappointments.  You have the most amazing privilege of showing her an opportunity that will allow her to stay home and be with her children, or make that extra money to give the family some breathing room.  For so many “Mommies”, you help her find something that is just hers again and help her re-establish a sense of self.  The sense of self and accomplishment is even more important to empty nesters who know wonder “Who I am I now that my children are grown?”.     You empower her and equip her with skills that will serve her well long after she leaves your team.

For me, Direct Sales is a business of changing lives.  A business that believes if you build the person, they will build your business.  I am so pleased to be a part of that business and have the amazing privileged of building people.  DS is a self improvement course with a paycheck attached.  At first we are the student and then we becomes the teacher of that course… but we never stop growing!

I am huge on motivation quotes.  On my wall currently is one that reads “Who’s life am I going to change today?”.  It is my mantra and why I get out of bed in the morning.  I hope that I have impacted your day in some small way!  Pass it on!


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