I know, it is supposed to be a 5 part on prospecting but I have so many requests to cover booking ASAP. So here we go!

First you want to start with your FRANKS List (prospecting list, warm market sheet…).   I would print out the Prospecting log sheet from yesterday to record each person’s phone number, email address, contact dates etc.  I think it is perfectly fine to begin with an email but you will want to follow up with a phone call.  (I know, the dreaded phone. And yes I know that you can probably rely strictly on email but do you want to send out 100 emails to book 1 or make 10 phone calls?).

You will find that you need several “commercials” in your tool belt.  A Prospecting Commercial, a Booking Commercial, a Business Commercial and an Invitation Commercial.   

Verbiage really is everything.  Each word you use creates an image in your potential hostess’ mind.  The first word that has got to go is PARTIES.  It is an acronym
P– prepare a ton of food 
A-address invitations
R– rope my friends into coming 
T– try to find time to tidy the house
I– invite a ton of people 
E– explain to my husband why he has to take the kids 
S– stress out about who Is coming 
WHO would say yes to that?

So Parties are out!  Take a moment to think about what you do?  For example, if you are with Pampered Chef, you don’t sell cookwear… you teach women how to get dinner on the table in under 30 minutes with time saving products and techniques.  You don’t do PC parties you hold cooking shows!  Cooking shows conjure up images of television shows, new recipes and they educate.

If you are in jewelry… You don’t sell jewelry… You help women stretch their wardrobe dollars by helping them master the art of accessorizing.  And I would do that at a Boutique Show… verses a jewelry party.  You want to create images in her mind of her friends having a great time learning about fashion.  

Your exact commercial will depend on your situation.  My bamboopink friends are in a great situation as they are new to the industry!  I would concentrate first on inviting people to my launch party!  Once they see the jewelry, it will be so easy to move them to a booking.  It can be very difficult to call someone on the phone and obtain a  booking for a product they have never seen.   My launch commercial (or event commercial) might go something like this:

“Hi Beth, its Michelle.  Do you have  a minute or did I catch you at a bad time?  (she says its fine)  Great!  Listen I am so excited!  I am partnered with a fine jewelry company to launch a fashion line called bamboopink and I am hosting THE launch event for (your town) on _______. I would  love it if you could attend this VIP event and bring a few friends. It will be a night of jewelry, fashion and chocolate.  Are you free? (she says yes).  Great, do me a favor and save the date on your calendar.  I will send you a pass in the mail that is good for you and 3 friends.  How many extra passes do you think you might need? (she says 1)  Great.  Thanks so much. I can not wait for you to see the jewelry!  

Now let’s say she says she can’t attend.  NO PROBLEM!  You say “Oh I am so sorry you will miss it.  I know what what!  Why don’t I drop by and show you the collection?  I can’t wait to get your opinion.  I could even drop by work during lunch! (Always go to her work if you can.  There are multiple people there).  How’s tomorrow?”

By scheduling a one-on-one appointment you will have the opportunity to get face to face with her.  You will find it SO much easier to schedule a show once she has seen the products.  This applies really to any business.  It is always easier to obtain the booking when they are playing with product and looking you in the eye.  Based on my personal experiences, you will most likely have a 50% success rate face-to-face verses 10-20% over the phone and about 1% via email.  The better your approach becomes, the higher your percentages will be!  Practice, Practice, Practice!

That is probably enough for today. Tomorrow we will discuss contacting your prospect list and booking.

Wishing you a very prosperous and productive day!


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