Facebook Jail and Direct Sellers

I know that many of my direct selling friends have been placed in FB jail recently related to activity in groups. Here is one possible culprit. FB has recently put provisions in place to combat “inauthentic content”.  This includes “posts that plagiarize or duplicate content originally published elsewhere.” according to Will Oremus of the Slate.
When you download and re-upload content that appears on another consultant’s page or the corporate fan page, you may look like a plagiarizer to the algorithms. When thousands of consultants upload the same image from an image library, it may trigger the same safeguards. The software program has no idea that you are licensed to use that image.   In the calculations, it looks like spam or the illegal use of someone else’s work product.   This would explain the recent rash of issues which have plagued several companies.

Here are a few tips to avoid jail

1. Use original content.  I realize that some companies have stringent rules on imagery which can be challenging.  Whenever possible, use your own graphics (professionally created) or photographs.
2. Upload images to your business page and share the post (by clicking the share button)  versus uploading the same image to multiple groups.  Using a fan page affords you more protection that uploading to your profile.  That is just another reason to continue to use a business page for business.
3. Don’t do what everyone else is doing.  Write your own verbiage instead of cutting and pasting someone else’s words.  This may further help to distinguish you and protect you from the long arm of Facebook.
Good luck and happy Friday!

2 thoughts on “Facebook Jail and Direct Sellers

  1. Michelle Archer says:

    Hi Catherine! Thanks for your question. Regardless of what you may be using to post, reposting the same image in multiple locations may flag you. As I shared in the blog, it is safer to post to your fan page and then SHARE that post to multiple places. Do be careful about repeatedly posting ANYTHING in groups in rapid succession. That can look like spam to the algorithms as spammer often engage in that practice.

    Facebook is ever-changing and so are the rules. Things that have been common place practice for direct sellers now work against them. Be sure that your social media practices are up to date 🙂


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