Who were you created to be?

Here is my story!  Please do not read this as a shameless plug and I apologize for the length of it.  It is a bit lengthy but spans my lifetime.  Recently I discovered that I had lived about 38 years as someone other than who God designed me to be.  I had spent my life living outside of my natural skill-set and  not focused on that which gave me joy.   It was like being placed in a box and forced to stay there.  I didn’t want to be there but everyone expected it of me.  It was my JOB, my role.  So I would pick up the mantle, don it and fight on!   I was miserable and felt bad about who I was.  As luck would have it, I was exposed to CORE  about 2 years ago as a Director for a Spa Company.  It was absolutely liberating!

So, as part of my coaching tool box I knew I wanted to offer this service that is like none other I have ever seen.   CORE stands for:

Now before you say “Oh I have taken one like that”, let me tell you that you haven’t seen anything like it (unless you have done the patented CORE).  Most profiles tell you how you self identify like DISC.  The Myers-Briggs tell you how you function and take-in information.  Both of these things can be dramatically influenced by your emotions, your current situation and your conditioning (how you were raised, what people tell you about yourself, what you allow yourself to believe…).

The magic piece of CORE is the Authentic Self piece!  It tells you who you were created to be!  In my opinion, who God designed you to be. Sometimes our authentic self lies buried so deep under years of  conditioning, that we often do not know who we truly are.

We secretly know who we are because we have ENERGY around those activities.  The things that “jive” with our CORE feed our soul although we may not know why.  We may gravitate toward people who are living as our authentic self.  We may say to ourselves “I wish I could be more like that”.  Living outside of our CORE self  holds us back from greatness!   When we are not functioning in our authentic skill-set, we will always hit a “lid” and will not progress any higher.  We will find ourselves “stuck”!

When I did my personal profile 2 years ago, I was truly stunned by the results.  I always got Commander/Driver on any profile I ever took.  And I never “felt” good about that.  It always felt “wrong” to me.  Like something I should try and change or apologize for.  When I took CORE, my part one came out Commander/Organizer (as always) but my part two came out Commander/Entertainer.  Hmmm… I thought… stupid profile.  Then my part three (the Authentic self) scored as an ENTERTAINER /Commander!!!!

WHAT?  I am not an Entertainer.  I am the one behind the scenes, attending to the details making sure everything gets done RIGHT and ON-TIME! I am detail oriented and schedule bound!  Ask anyone who knows me!

Yes, ask anyone who knows me… As I explored the profile with my facilitator (who didn’t know me at all) she asked me questions.  “What energizes you, people or solitary activities?  When do you feel your best, when you get it done or when people “get it”?   “Tell me about your childhood? Tell me about your parents?  Now tell me about your relationships?  My head was spinning!

OMG!  I was an entertainer!  But because of childhood circumstance and conditioning(eldest child, divorced parents, alcoholic, Entertainer Father and Entertainer Mother)  I had called upon my Commander Traits (my secondary style).  My circumstance required a Commander, I was covered up with Entertainers.  So the Commander skill-set was highly developed and dwarfed my Entertainer needs.

But why all the Organizer/ Thinker scores????  Elementary my dear Watson, when Commanders are over their head they lead through details.  They call on their Organizer Traits.  But since I am not an Organizers (Entertainers are the polar opposite of Organizers) my traits we very underdeveloped and I function as a perfectionist in that zone!  I was hyper-critical of my work and often  a work-a-holic striving for competency!  Hence the hight O/T scores on other profiles.  O?T is what people told me and I believed it!

I also found that I SOUGHT out relationships and partnerships that continued to quash my Entertainer and force me to Commander.  Why?  Because I was crazy or masochistic?  No, because it was what I KNEW! It felt comfortable and “right” somehow! It is the same reason that some women (and men) seek out the same kind of person over and over again, even when it is bad for them.  

To say that the CORE Profile changed my life, really does not begin to do it justice.  To say that it makes me a better Wife, Mother, business partner, coach and person is not an overstatement of the facts. I have truly never been happier.   I was so impressed and so desperately wanted to be able to offer it that I invested the money necessary to become certified.  Through this tool I hope to help others leave fuller, richer lives and experience greater success.

I hesitate to mention cost here but I don’t want anyone to miss out because you think it is too expensive.  So what does this amazing, life changing tool cost?    With most Facilitators it will run $200-$300 dollars.  But, I would rather have 1000 people at $10 than 10 people at $1000.  So, you can have the profile with the one-on-one coaching evaluation for under $100.  Please share todays blog with anyone you think may benefit and please share your CORE experiences!

Be Blessed!


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