Recruiting, Sponsoring, Team Building… whatever you call it there is an art to it.    To me recruiting is about the other person.  What does she need more of?  What is her life lacking?  Does she need:  to make more money…. personal accomplishment… does she need to make a difference…is she a SAHM who needs some adult time… personal growth… an outlet from her stressful job… is she a bored empty nester?  What do I have to offer her through my opportunity?
Sometimes we get very focused on winning a contest or we start playing “not to loose” and our verbiage betrays our thoughts. We get a little desperate and we start to say things like:
I need to GET 3 more
I am 2 away from GETTING
I want
My company
When this happens, we just need to refocus ourselves on what we have to GIVE!  I firmly believe that God puts the right people in our path and that we draw to ourselves what we  project.  So don’t stress.  The right people will come your way.  But, you have to be projecting the right “vibe”!
Verbiage tips:
Business Partners, Team  members…  instead of…  Recruits
Give… instead of… Get
Opportunity or Business … instead of… case or kit
Share… instead of…  recruit
Begin your new business… instead of… Buy your starter kit
Have a vision
What are you building?  One of my favorite quotes is “Without a vision the people will perish”.  People are drawn to your energy which is driven by your vision.  So where are you going?  When do you feel your best?  Why are you building this business.  If you don’t know the answer to that, then spend a little time on it.
A very wise man once did an exercise with me.  He had me close my eyes and asked me “What is your dream for your business?  What does success look like to you?”.  The he asked me what I saw while I had my eyes closed.  My response was “I see a room full of women in full bloom!”  It makes me misty to think about it.  That is still my dream… my vision.  My rooms just get bigger and the value I bring to them increases.
So define your vision!  You will find that your recruiting changes.  When we have a purpose we no longer “take what we can get”.  We recruit with purpose, like a head hunter.  We start looking for the people who can help us build that dream… for people who share that dream!  We still look for those that we can help but we also look for those that want to build people.  Those are the people that will us build spires to the sky.  To build a tower, you need solid bricks!

Happy Recruiting!

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