Personality Recruiting

On a similar vein as yesterdays blog, I thought we could discuss recruiting with the Core BluePrint today.    BluePrint can give you invaluable insight and increase your recruiting averages, leader count and personal success.  BluePrint gives you laser precision in your approach.

The first DS business  I was in was super easy.   My Mother signed up and suggested I do the same.  The reason I signed up was trust in my Mother.  Every situation is not so easy for the recruiter.

My second business was not such a slam dunk.  My recruiter was the Mother of a friend so I did trust her and had a relationship with her but she didn’t hone in on what I needed from the situation.  It still took her 6 months to sign me up.    Eventually I did sign up and the rest is history.   There are a few lessons to be learned here: 1) No today can be a Yes tomorrow; 2) be persistent and 3) tune into their radio frequency!

Have you ever heard of WIFM? Its is What’s In It For Me?  There are hundreds of reasons that a person joins DS.  You have to show her (or him) what benefits the business holds for them.  These vary from person to person.  Your reasons may not be my reasons.

So back to my recruiter.  She was persistent and shared dozens of benefits with me.  She called me religiously each month to share another reason and the special that month. But she was sharing HER reasons.  She was the mother of grown children and I was a newly wed with my first real job making pretty decent money.  I wasn’t looking for friendships, affiliation, personal growth or additional income.   Nothing she said resonated with me.  She was simply talking at me. In her defense, she was new to recruiting and doing EXACTLY what her upline was teaching her.

It is so important to gather information when recruiting.  Think of it as a fact finding mission.  Without that step you really are hunting around in the dark!

One day, by divine intervention  she hit upon something that got my attention.  Her company offered Image Consultant  training AND certification as part of the Consultant Kit.  I could learn about color analysis, body typing, face shape, core wardrobing  and makeup application.  I pulled out my Discover card and signed up on the spot.  I am sure her head was spinning!  After months of trying, I had signed up just like that!

But was it just like that?  Was it a whim?  Absolutely not.  Now she was talking my language! What I guess she didn’t realize was I was having an image crisis. I went to private school and wore a uniform  through Senior year and then looked sorority girl cute in college.  Now I was interviewing at design firms in Atlanta!  I had no idea how to dress for business.  My image desperately needed polishing and I felt insecure.

Now factor in that I am an Entertainer Commander.  Commanders like to be an authority on any subject that applies to us.  It is where we draw our confidence from (most profiles confuse this with the Organizer/Thinker’s need for knowledge).  I was incredibly stressed about the interview process and here was my answer.  I would know things that none of those other applicants would know!  It would give me a competitive edge (Commander again, we like to win).

Had she been taught to take the time to find all of that out, she could have recruited me 6 months earlier and saved herself quite a bit of frustration!  In the end, she did recruit me and absolutely changed my life!  I love her dearly to this very day.  Thanks Carole!

Here are a few tips when dealing with Commanders:
-Keep it short and sweet
-Let them lead
-Make it tangible.  Put it in writing
-Keep it real.  Don’t talk  about pie in the sky, They are cynical
-Talk about Achievement opportunities (this is not the same as prizes)
-Talk about Leadership potential.  They  like to be in charge.  It is their hot button


Here are a few  tips when dealing with Organizers:
-Put it all in writing
-Be prepared to cover the details
-Slow down, thinkers need to think.  This will take a while.
-Talk as little as possible.  Thinkers can not process with you talking
-Ask them lots of questions
-Keep it real.
-Focus on the learning opportunity.  It is their hot button


Here are a few  tips when dealing with Relators:
-Talk about the friendships and the sister hood.  Affiliation is their hot button!
-Focus on the people factor
-Share personal stories
-They are emotionally driven
-Make it visual.  Scrapbooks are GREAT, picture of conventions…
-Talk to us about making a difference one-on-one
Here are a few tips when dealing with Entertainers:
-Paint the BIG picture.  The sky is the limit
-Talk about Contests, trips  and prizes
-Make it visual
-Talk about recognition, being on stage… It is their hot button
-Share personal stories (they are emotion driven as well)
-Talk about leading groups of people
Contact me to schedule your Success BluePrint .  The Recruiting Survey is part of your profile package! You will find it invaluable not only in recruiting but also in mentoring your onsultants, working with your leaders, goal setting and more.  It is  a team builder’s best friend!
Happy recruiting!

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