We Are All Couture

I saw this most EXCELLENT post on a friend’s FB wall (Kendra Krebs) and knew that it had to be my next blog topic!
If you’re not being treated with love & respect, check your ‘price tag’. Perhaps you have marked yourself  down. It’s you who tell people what you’re worth by what you accept. Get off of the “clearance rack”  & get behind the glass where they keep all the ‘valuables’ – bottom line is – “value” yourself more.  Repost if you like. You might help someone get off the “clearance rack”

As leaders in Direct Sales we do so much more than teach people to sell “stuff”. Direct Sales is the greatest self improvement class you will ever take.  Direct Sales is about becoming a total success.  Not just being a success at work, or being a successful mom… but living a well rounded life of total success.   

Success in business comes from confidence and belief in ones self.  Holding the mirror up to someone’s face and showing them who they are and what they are capable of is one of my greatest joys.  Somewhere along the way, some of us begin to believe what we are are told…. that we aren’t thin enough… pretty enough… smart enough… hard working enough… successful enough… we are too loud… too clumsy… too demanding… (fill in the shortcoming here).  We “should” all over ourselves… we sell ourselves short… we undervalue ourselves.

We absolutely put ourselves on the clearance rack.  We settle for less than we deserve.  We focus on our shortcomings.  We highlight our faults and see everything that we are not.    We allow the negative tapes to “loop” in our head.  We blame our cut, our cloth, our color…  

After eroding our own self esteem, we then  set the standard for how other’s treat us.  We teach people what is acceptable through what we accept.  We let our family take us for granted… we gravitate towards people who are incapable of appreciating us… we work for a boss who will never validate us. Changing these things takes time and is a process but WE have the power! The journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step.  If you are on the clearance rack, what is your first step?

My message to you today is simple… you are the exquisitely perfect person God created you to be.  You possess a unique group of skills and talents that NO ONE ELSE has been blessed with.  You have a mission and a purpose…  Get off the clearance rack baby, you are COUTURE!

I hope you will share this blog on your wall today!  



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