Sell it Baby— creating desire

Commercials are such a great study in creating desire, especially infomercials.  There you are at 2 am with insomnia and the next thing you know you are contemplating how you lived life to this point without the pajama jeans!  That is not an endorsement for the pajama jean.  I can well imagine that unless you are a size 2, they would be HORRIBLY unflattering!

My point is that advertising does a beautiful job creating desire for a product that we have no desire for!  We can use those lessons well in booking shows and appointments.  They did not wake up that morning and think “I need to host a home show!”.  We have to create a desire for the show.  Do you romance your show EXPERIENCE?  Do you make it sound FUN and EASY?  Do you remember WIIFM when talking to her about booking?

I find (more often than not) that a struggling consultant’s booking commercials goes something like this:  “Would you please do a ___party for me?  I have to get this going!”  Lets decode that and explore what she just heard:
PLEASE= I am desperate
FOR ME= Do me a favor
PARTY.. this is an acronym
P= prepare a ton of food
A=ask all my friends to come spend money
R= rush around cleaning my house
T= throw my family out of the house
Y= You gotta be kidding!
HAVE TO= This isn’t going well. These parties are no fun and no one wants to do one.

Alright, so lets create some desire.  There are so many ways to book! I personally find the best way to get bookings going is to host a launch or grand opening.  It at least starts the conversation for you.  Or call to schedule an appointment to: 1)get their opinion or 2) practice.  If you have a good products (which I am sure you do) there is no easier time to book a show then when she is trying the product.   It it a bit like fishing, it takes patience.

So creating desire…  What is some verbiage that will create desire.  well it depends on your industry.  So lets do a few.  You are at a church picnic having a conversation with another wife.  She says “what do you do?”. You respond:

(This is such a gimme) I run a mobile spa business (wait for a positive response).  I come into your home and transform your living room into a day spa.  Then I spa you and up to 6 friends from head-to-toe with therapeutic facials, dead sea foot wraps and aromatherapy hand massage… (wait for her response.  She asks how much).  That is the beauty of it.  Unlike traditional day spas, there is no charge for the service.  its our way of advertising.   Just you, a few friends and some heavenly treatments (ooohhhh). So generally speaking,  if you were going to get a few girlfriends together, what night of the week works best for you?

I run a mobile boutique!  (her response)  I bring the entire boutique to you and you’ll discover your style profile.  Have you ever noticed that you gravitate towards certain things?  You might see pearls for example on someone else and think they look great but you never feel like they are quite “You” (bob your head and wait for her head nod).  Well that is because pearls are not you.  Your style may be (you can usually guess by looking at her) Dramatic.  So many women waste thousands of dollars buying things that may be “in style” but are not their style.  The style profile takes the guess work out of it for you.  (ohhhh) I can help you build an entire jewelry wardrobe around your style.  You will not believe how it will expand your wardrobe options! I would LOVE for you to get a few girls together and let me come work my magic.  We could do a little black dress show (she says that sounds like fun)  Well generally speaking…..

Style profile works great for makeup as well as home decor. Our personality permeates everything from how we wear our hair, to the jewelry and clothing we choose, to our makeup and even how we decorate our home.   If you do not have a tool like this in your company, join  You will find the style profile under show presentations.  I will be glad to customize one for you and your particular company!

That is probably enough for today.  I like to try and keep these bite size!  Happy Booking!

Michelle Archer offers a variety of services aimed at helping you grow your direct sales business. Learn more at

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