How to install Facebook Timeline
Eventually we will all be “forced” to embrace the new time line. I thought I would get a jump on it, and dive in. Here are the directions on how to upgrade your profile to Timeline.

Step 1:

Open this URL, Click on “Create new App”

Step 2:

Now select your “App Display Name” and “App Namespace“. Select anything you would like. It doesn’t matter as they will not display anywhere, but they must be unique. You will receive an error message if your name has been taken. No capital letters and no numbers are allowed. When finished click continue. (note: You may encounter a security check after clicking continue).

Step 3:

Click on “Open Graph” on the right hand toolbar.

Step 4:

Fill in the blocks below. It doesn’t matter what you put but to keep is simple, enter “read” and “book”. Click on “Get started“.

Step 5:

Scroll down and click “Save changes and finish”

Step 6:

On the next page “Aggregation”

Scroll down and click “Save changes and Finish”.

Now your time line should look something like this:

I am enjoying the new timeline.  It has some cool features that I enjoy exploring.  The only constant is change so I am embracing this one!

Be blessed!

Learn more at

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