I am so excited to share Origami Owl.  The Direct Sales Industry is full of so many wonderful companies and I enjoy bringing them to you.  Origami Owl, or O2 as they are know to their Consultants, features a truly unique product line.  They offer custom lockets that you create!  Whatever your story is (bride, SAHM, working Mom, military wife,  grandmother, diva or even animal lover),  Origami Owl will help you tell it!

The show model is unlike anything else I have seen in the jewelry industry. The show is part jewelry show,  part craft show.  Participants actually create their locket  at the show.  You begin by choosing the locket finish and size. Then you craft your story by selecting the charms for the locket.  You can choose from letters, birthstones and symbols.  I created one for my daughter with butterflys, lady bugs, flowers and other “girly” things.  For myself I selected (my favorite symbol) the star fish along with SHOES (of course), lipstick, handbags and other very “me” symbols.  To finish your locket you can select from an assortment of interchangeable “dangles” and a chain. Voila! You have a custom made piece of jewelry that is completely you, because it was made by you!

The story continues in the packaging.  Your custom locket comes in a beautiful fortune cookie shaped pouch.  These pouches are made from recycled kimono fabric remnants.  Just like the locket it holds, no two fortune cookies are the same.  Each pouch is as unique as the locket it holds and as unique as the woman who made it.  It is an absolutely beautiful concept.

My daughter’s locket came in a pink fortune cookie that had Hello Kitty on it! The attention to detail was amazing! And the look on Sydney’s face when she opened it was priceless.  The fortune cookie also comes nestled in a “take out” box.  FANTASTIC branding!

What a perfect product for groups, organizations, sales teams, bridal parties and more.  It is a precious keepsake that you wear!  This is THE gift for Mother’s Day.  You can custom select charms that represent her along with birthstones for each of the children!  I can imagine the look on my own Mother and Grandmother’s faces!

Learn more at http://www.shopsmallusa.com/Jewelry.html#OrigamiOwl

 Michelle Archer is a certified coach with over 20 years experience in direct sales. Michelle works with companies and individuals to explode their business potential. Connect with her on Facebook Learn more at http://directsalesinstitute.com

2 thoughts on “OrigamiOwl

  1. WAHMSha says:

    Thank you for the Mention Michelle and this post sums up O2 PERFECTLY! I love the creativity behind all of the lockets created by my customers. Right now, through April 29th, purchase ANY locket and just ONE charm and I will send you ANY charm absolutely FREE! Simply visit my site to purchase and I will contact you directly to see which FREE charm you would like! http://wahmsha.origamiowl.com! Visit my NEW blog for updates/news and more! (VERY new blog!) http://o2sha.blogspot.com


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