How to MARKET your business on FaceBook.

I see so many posts on FaceBook everyday.  Some are funny, some educational and some remind me of the scripture “Be not a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal”.  As people, we have a tendency to “tune out” the white noise.  As mothers, it is essential to our survival.  Facebook can be a tremendous business tool IF you use it right.You are basically a radio station broadcasting off into space.  HOW do you get people to tune in?

#1 Remember WIIFM– You need to broadcast on THEIR frequency WIIFM- What’s In It For Me?  Take the words I, Me, My and Mine OUT of your posts.  Those words make it about YOU.  It isn’t about you.

#2 Content– Are your posts all about buying your product or joining your team?  Click your name and read down your wall to find out.  If so , your messages become FLAT and people will tune out, eventually hiding you or unfriending you.   Focus posts on how your product enhances their lives.  Before and afters are  a HUGE draw as is interesting information.  If you are in accessories or cosmetics,  post fashion trends.   If weightless is your field, share tips and recipes.  Have value added content for readers.

#3 Mix it up.  You want to make several  posts a day (throughout the day).  Use the 2:1 rule… 2 personal and 1 business. Personal should be interesting or amusing things about your family, jokes (PC) or inspirational quotes.

#4 Let the adages be your guide.  The old adage “Never mix business and politics” is crucial.  If you are going to use FB for business then sharing your political (or religious views) automatically alienates HALF of your audience.  You may think that every thinks like you but the narrow margin of Presidential wins of late tells a different story.

#5 Don’t be insulting.  I know that logic tells us not to insult people but I see it everyday.  Several companies have recruiting campaigns that basically say “You would be an idiot not to join us”.  It is a turn off to say the least.  Instead, I suggest we all focus on the success stories in our company and the benefits of the products.  Always take the highroad!

#6 Remember, FB is a social gathering… like a cocktail party.  Shy away from posting graphic images (animal abuse, child abuse…) or very personal photos.  The shock of such images will again, cause people to unfriend you.   If you wouldn’t flash the pictures around at a party, follow the same rule of thumb on FB.  Also, stick with Mom’s advice, no profanity!

In short, make people WANT to read what you are saying!  You can find more info on social media marketing with your DSI membership and be sure to like or FB page for notifications on FREE webinars!

Blessings in your business,

 Michelle Archer is a certified coach with over 20 years experience in direct sales. Michelle works with companies and individuals to explode their business potential. Connect with her on Facebook Learn more at

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