Gold Canyon Candles

Gold Canyon is a luxury line of sensory products including: candles, warmers, diffusers, oils and beautiful home accessories.  They offer a wide range of delectable scents and colors to compliment any room and any mood.  We were MOST impressed that Gold Canyon is made in the USA!

Gold Canyon began in the home kitchen of  Karen Waisath.  Frustrated with candles on the market, Karen wanted a candle that smelled as good  at home as it did in the store. She believed every ounce of wax you paid for should burn evenly and be enjoyed – not stick to the side of the candle jar. Gold Canyon candles use cool wax technology which means spilled wax won’t burn, it’s also 100% food grade wax. Each candle carries a guarantee that they’re the most fragrant scented candles you’ll find anywhere!

If you “love to party”, we suggest you take a look at Gold Canyon  You can choose from a variety of show models including Room Makeover  and Mixology!  In addition to the fun you will have,  their Hostesses usually receive around $100 in FREE merchandise and 6 half price buys!  What a great way to spend the evening… a group of friends discovering new scents and exploring the magic of aromatherapy! 

Your Representative: Our Shop Small Family Merchant is Dawn Beardsley.  In addition to running her GC business, Dawn is a busy Mom and Grandmother!  As a candle fanatic herself, she instantly fell in love with the product.  That was over five years ago.    Her favorite things about her business are being her own boss and the relationships she has built over the years.  This business provides her  the opportunity to be home when she is  needed but also provide the income that her family needs.  Before beginning her business, Dawn was a teacher.  She still fulfils her teaching passion by educating her customers on candle science! 

Our favorite service that Dawn offers is what she calls “Mixology”.  Dawn helps her customers create custom “scentscapes” by combining and layering different fragrances and combinations using candles, warmers, oils and diffusers! She accomplishes this through  aromacology (the study of the feeling and emotions brought on by scent) and color therapy.  

For example, did you love your trip to Paris?  Would you like to relive the side walk cafes and fresh baked bread?  Dawn can transport you to a Parisian cafe with a custom mix of: Honey Oat Tea Lights, Orange and Orange Almond Scone Candles.  An everyday getaway that looks as wonderful as it smells!

 Michelle Archer is a certified coach with over 20 years experience in direct sales. Michelle works with companies and individuals to explode their business potential. Connect with her on Facebook Learn more at

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