Face Book Events

I was involved in such an interesting conversion in a facebook group regarding the use of facebook events to invite guests to home shows.   As an industry, we are seeing a turnout as little as half of what we did a few years ago.  I submit to you that this is the result of FB!  PF (pre facebook) when you hosted a show, you actually had to CONTACT someone.  We CALLED them on the PHONE, we sent a PERSONAL EMAIL to their inbox, we TEXTED them, we MAILED them a postcard.  Now we take 2 seconds, create a FB event, send it off into the cosmos and HOPE!

Let me tell you a little secret…. people IGNORE FB event invites!  There are so many event reminders that they are really nothing more than a nuisance… like a gnat buzzing around you at  a barbecue!   I used one as an invitation to a special “think tank” group on FB six months ago and half of the people immediately declined.  They didn’t even READ it.  Here is another tip, when you click decline… it gives you the option to IGNORE all future events.  So now not only do people not read them, half of your “friends” no longer even see them.

Bottom line:  Do not rely or allow your Hostesses to rely on FB as an invitation.  Go old school!  Get on the PHONE, have a conversation, make a connection, INVITE someone!  I promise that works and you will have a turn out of 50% or better!

Party On!

———————————————- Michelle Archer is a certified coach with over 20 years experience in direct sales. Michelle works with companies and individuals to explode their business potential. Connect with her on Facebook Learn more at http://directsalesinstitute.com/

2 thoughts on “Face Book Events

  1. Lil Ms Sophia says:

    I totally agree! People are quick to say yes to your event and then don't show or they will ignore it completely. I still believe that events should be handled the old fashion way with invites in the mail whether they are formal invites or postcard type invites.


  2. Karen Clark says:

    I do think they can be good for an additional point of contact after personal invitations (calls, then mailings) have been made. You can use the event page not so much to invite people but as a page where you can discuss the party, share photos, generate excitement among those who are going. When their friends see they may get excited and join in the fun. But it needs to be presented this way, not as an invitation.


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