The Fortune Is In The Follow Up-Part 1

“The fortune is in the follow up” has almost adage notoriety.  So why don’t we actually follow up?  I don’t believe it is because we do not know the importance of it.  How could we not?  Every speaker, trainer and coach has told us to do it!  I believe there are just two simple reasons why we fail to do something so integral to our success!

The first reason is: we avoid follow up as a means to insulate ourselves from failure or rejection.   Self protection is a natural instinct.  So it follows that we innately seek to protect ourselves from pain and harm.  Rejection and failure easily fall into this category.  Fortunately as human beings, we are not slaves to our instincts.  We have a choice!

It is true that if we NEVER pick up the phone and NEVER ask the question, we NEVER have to hear NO! It is also true that we NEVER get to hear the word YES!  We NEVER experience the joy of a thrilled client in love with their product.  We NEVER get to hear how we have impacted her life and made a difference.  We NEVER get to book a show with her, we NEVER obtain a referral and we NEVER add her to our team.

I further submit to you that when we fail to follow up, we are making a choice.  When we CHOOSE not to follow up, we also CHOOSE to cut our income by at least 40%.  That is what we are missing out on, in reorders, future bookings and team commissions   I don’t know about you, but a one syllable word with just two tiny letters pales in comparison to all the Manolo Blahnik’s I can buy with that income.

Promise yourself that you will be brave this week.  Promise yourself that you will take a chance and open yourself up to true success.  Remember that everything you want is just outside of your comfort zone.  Go get horribly uncomfortable!  Let me hear from you on your bravery and success!

See the next Blog for reason #2!

 Michelle Archer is a certified coach with over 23 years experience in direct sales. Michelle works with companies and individuals to explode their business potential. Connect with her on Facebook Learn more at

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