Breaking Faith

Recently, we all learned the very sad news that Lia Sophia was closing, they just couldn’t make it anymore in today’s sales climate.  It sent shock waves through our community and left people asking… “If they can’t make it, can we?”  Hundreds of thousands of representatives in jewelry second guessed their decision.  Lives were turned upside down and businesses were derailed. 
Based on the damage done by their closing, it makes me incredibly sad to continue to receive emails selling me NEW product from Lia Sophia.   Each week, I receive an email promising new product every Wednesday.   It would appear that they are not closing so much as shifting to a new business model.  Sadly, it appears that Lia Sophia has made the decision to remove overhead, the people who built their brand.
I pray that I am wrong.  After all, it would be incredibly unfair to trade on the relationships those Advisors built while cutting them out of the revenue model.  It would break faith with everyone in the industry.  This is something that only happens in corporate America, not here… not in brands built on family… not when consultants work for years in partnership to build that brand… not when the brand would be nothing without those people!   We are loyal here, loyal to one another… aren’t we?
Perhaps companies forget where they come from.  As a reminder (Companies), we come from the early days when a handful of people believe in our vision… take our hand and work their hearts out. They (not you) hit living rooms across the nation sharing the product and the dream.  They believe when the answer is no, they believe when the checks are lean.  THEY build the brand.  They are never optional “overhead”… never.
I don’t know the whole story.  All I know is what I see.  What I see breaks my heart.  If they want to build an on line model, then let them build it, on their own without the relationships forged by others.
To former Lia Advisors, I know your heart is absolutely breaking.  Know that somewhere is a company who desperately needs your heart, your passion and your experience.  Somewhere, there is a company who deserves you. 


 Michelle Archer is a certified coach with nearly 25 years experience in direct sales. Michelle works with companies and individuals to explode their business potential. Connect with her on Facebook Learn more at

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