How Was Your Day

As I browse social media and the news this Saturday morning, a blog wafted through my feed showing parents a better way to ask “How  was school today”.   For me, this blog represents an epidemic of “Bad Mom” messages that we constantly receive.   So here is what is on my heart this morning.

You are doing fine Mom.  It’s ok to ask “How was your day” or any variation you choose. 

Here is the fact. YOU are there to even ask the question.  That means you are an involved parent {Gold Star}.  You legitimately care about the answer which is why you even read that blog in the first place (Another Gold Star}.  You want to prompt conversation with your child {Gold Star}.  You are concerned for their happiness and well being {Gold Star}.  See, you are a great Mom.

As an 80’s latch key child, we came home to an empty house.  No one asked us how our day ways in ANY form. No one worried that we were being bullied or picked on at school.  No one helped with home work or school projects.  Half the time we ate sandwiches for dinner, alone.  (P.S.  I turned out fine).    Millions of children share that story AND worse.   Quit buying into the “perfect Mom” nonsense and just do your best. 

As a Mother, I made very different choices so that I am home when she walks through the door.  I try to be active in her school life while balancing a full time work load.  I attempt to juggle time with her, a heavy client load, a happy marriage, a home, my health, social obligations and a hundred other things.  So I may not always thing of the most “creative” way to ask a question.  I am however, there to ask it and I sincerely care about the answer.

Cut yourself some slack Moms.  This is a hard gig.

Michelle Archer

 Michelle Archer is a certified coach with nearly 25 years experience in direct sales. Michelle works with companies and individuals to explode their business potential. Connect with her on Facebook Learn more at

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