Fourth Quarter… ready

Here comes Fall festivals, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and more.  It moves FAST and it is full of distractions.  There are costumes to plan, turkeys to roast, gifts to buy and a seemingly endless list of social obligations. It is the easiest time of year for a direct seller to get off track. It is also the most lucrative time of year IF you stay on track.  Here are a few tips for success this busy time of year!

Plan for Success
Make a plan, a real plan.  Set a Q4 sales goal.  Break it into monthly sales goals. Determine how to build those sales.  Is your recipe for success live parties, events, one-on-one’s, customer care, virtual events or all of the above? How many does it take to get to your sales goal?  How many booking conversations and calls will it take to get that business on your calendar?  This is what a plan for success looks like.

Take Daily Action
The greatest plan is meaningless without action.  Action needs to be scheduled. Determine when will you execute your plan. What times of the day will you work your plan?  What days and for how many hours?  Hold yourself accountable to that action and the results will come.

Respect Your Business As a Business
It is all too easy to place your business on the back burner this time of year.  It is so easy to make it less important than Halloween candy and the perfect gift wrap. After all, that is the fun stuff.  Promise yourself that you will give your business the focus that it deserves. Work for yourself like you would work for a boss… they would expect you to show up… everyday!

Join us for more on this topic live on the 20th here 

Success Society Members look for your Q-4 planner in the lounge


Michelle Archer is a seasoned, veteran executive in the direct selling industry with 25 years of experience. Her past corporate and field experience gives her a fresh perspective on business, success and direct selling. She partners with young companies and individuals through executive coaching and consulting to explode their potential. Connect with her on Facebook Learn more at

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