Find Your Tribe

Twenty-five years ago, I was blessed to find my tribe.  It is the tribe of direct sales.  That tribe has loved me, sustained me, encouraged me and developed me for over half my life.  In the early days, it was full of amazing mentors and learning experiences.  My tribe was full of people who mentored me and invested in me helping, me become more than I was.

These days, I am privileged to love that tribe back.  I do that through workshops, sidebar conversations in hallways, keynote speeches, personal coaching, Facebook chats,  and corporate infrastructure work.  Each day I am fortunate to get up and build the business of dreams.  In the past two plus decades, I have worked with many companies… sub-tribes in our tribe.  Just like people, these sub-tribes come in different shapes and colors. Each one is precious, each person is a gift.

Every day is an opportunity to make a difference here in this tribe.  Every day is a day to make dreams a reality and empower others.  This is a tribe of encouragement, growth and fearlessness.  The men and women here are working dreamers who challenge the status quo.    There is no other place I would rather be.

If you are part of the tribe, let me hear from you!




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