Quadruple your sales with this simple tip

Recently I was looking for a particular product.  Naturally, I turned to the direct selling community for what I needed.  Whenever possible, I shop here first.  It is an industry I believe in and I would rather spend my money helping someone build their dream than at the department store.  So, I posted on Facebook.

As the responses continued to grow and my messenger actually crashed, I began to notice something… a lot of talking.    Some consultants did an amazing job walking through my needs, concerns (experience shows) and asking good clarifying questions.  Others sent me long messages about their product benefits.    I heard  lots company buzzwords like: pure, natural and organic… all of which are wonderful… but mattered little to me in my particular search.

That experience reminded me of a simple sales truth, strong sellers learn to listen.  Instead of regurgitating company marketing materials, they ask questions.  They know that if you listen long enough, your potential customer will tell you what to say.  The customer will tell you what THEY need to hear in order to make a purchasing decisions.  Nothing else matters but what that particular consumer needs to hear.

I will close with a quote from my fourth grade teacher “Michelle, God gave you two ears and only one mouth for a reason”.

Happy Selling!


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