Fun With Numbers

There is no doubt that direct selling is a people business and it often draws high-energy, creative types.  This personality rarely likes to dig into numbers but they are important to success.  Don’t panic if you hate numbers, I am not suggesting that you go blind on spreadsheets!   I only suggest 3 numbers that you MUST know as a leader.  When you know these you can forecast, evaluate and identify areas of focus.  Those magic numbers are:
Count -Your total number of team members
Active– The number or percentage of those team members who are actively selling
Production– The average amount of sales produced by a team member on your team

When you know these three numbers you can identify areas of opportunity on your team.  You can plan incentives and training that move the needle in your business.  Finally, you can project growth and truly evaluate your team performance.  Have a little fun with numbers.  Your business will thank you!


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