Building a Culture of Success

You begin building your team and you are EXCITED!  You are pushing for promotions and you want to encourage your new team members, right?  Wait a minute.  Beware that the things you do now,  establish your long-term team culture.  That culture or team vibe once established is like a rut… hard to break free of further down the road.

If you want to build lasting success, it is imperative that you build a culture of authentic success… one based on true achievement.  You want to build a culture that rewards true accomplishment and strong fundamental behaviors.  Here are the warning signs of harmful incentives.

Promotions that reward “body count” without sales activity or other concrete results.  There is no return on investment here.  It makes it too easy and too rewarding to buy a kit in someone else’s name.  Every dollar you spend on promotions has to net you a profit in increased team counts, higher productivity or increased activity.

Enticing incentives that lack the proper training to organically achieve.  Here is the truth, if people know how to sell… they will.  They don’t need an incentive.  Incentives make it fun and cause Consultants to focus but they will not make them function outside of their skillset.  Ensure that the training and the mindset exist within your organization to feed a strong recruiting and/or a strong sales culture before launching any incentive.

Recognition for minimum achievements.  I know you want to make people feel celebrated and successful but whatever you celebrate becomes the ceiling on “good”.  It establishes what success looks like to the rest of your organization.  Celebrating minimums builds a minimum mindset in your team.  People rise to the level of challenge you create.  It is your job to help people “level up”.  Reward the behavior you wish to see.

Finally, don’t double reward on what your company is offering.  If one incentive isn’t moving the needle, a second incentive isn’t likely to accomplish much more.  Instead, support that existing incentive through recognition and training.  Remember that people need to be encouraged as much as they need anything.  Your personal attention does just that!

Happy success building!



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