Hostess With the Mostest!

Every Hostess wants to have an amazing event.  The problem is, most Hosts don’t know how.  In addition to not being exactly sure how: they are also afraid of being told no by their friends, they are secretly plagued by the fear that no one will show, AND their Husband is complaining about a house full of women!  They begin regretting have booked almost as soon as they pick the date!

That is why it is imperative that you contact your Host regularly.  She needs to be ENCOURAGED just like a new team member does.  She needs to be guided in her prep activities.  She needs to stay EXCITED about why she booked in the first place.

Whether she is Hosting a virtual party or an in-person party, schedule your Host connections on your calendar working backwards from her party date.  Book in close (less than a month) and make sure that she hears from you at LEAST 3 times.  Help her plan and make it fun!  Don’t rely solely on electronic communications.  Pick up the phone so she can hear your voice!

Here’s to happy Hosts!




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