A few of our favorite nail biz things

From time to time I share business aids and helpers for direct sellers. Today’s topic is the nail biz! Managing inventory and demonstration supplies can be a pain! Back in my cosmetics days, I learned a few tricks for storing small samples and staying organized. Here are links to a few things I love. Just click the images to view the details!


Art Bins
These art bins are perfect for storing strips. If you are anything like us, you have a heck of a collection {even as a customer}

Art Bin Storage Cube

This adorable cube keeps all the bins stacked and neat in a closet of on a shelf!

Sample Storage
We had the hardest time finding something that was big enough for the individual samples. This works like a charm and is portable!


Nail Polish Remover Clips
These come in a gross of 30 which can be broken up into sets of 10 giving you 3 Hostess gifts! Apply nail polish remover to a cotton pad and clip in place to gently remove polish!

Reusable Rubber Cuticle Sticks
Such a nice touch in a Hostess Gift Pack for pennies!

Swanky Glass Files
These make another adorable drop in for the Host or give away at just 50 cents!

Organza Bags
They just make everything special! We use them for samples and gifts. Here is about the best price we have found anywhere! They are available in several sizes. We use the 4 x 4 for samples and 4 x6 for gifts.


Color Testers
Each time we hold a Nail Bar or try a new color, we creates a tester. They come in white or clear. We ordered a label maker to add the color name.

Clear version 2 Sets 100 Tips Fan Shape White and Transparent Plastic Nail Art Tips Display Polish Board Display Practice Sticks with Metal Split Ring Holder

Mineral Fusion Nail Polish
This polish removes even glitter in a snap.
Mineral Fusion Nail Polish Remover, 6 Ounce

Diamond Wipe Remover Packets
If you like the tidiness of packets, these remove polish in seconds!
Bulk order save BIG!

Pink Demo Nail Files
These work out to about 5 cents each and come in a pack of 200 so we need to order less often!

Alcohol Prep Pads
These are just in basic white packaging so they don’t compete with our table display.


Self Inking Stamper
These are a must for literature and it comes in colors! We put our: Names, mailing address, website and phone.

Brother P-touch Label Maker
Words cannot express how much I love my Brother P. I use it for everything, especially those nail sample sticks. If you don’t have one, it will change your life. We order the clear labeling tape. White comes with it standard.

Window Bag
We love these window bags! I used them back in the 90’s for prospecting on the go. They are the ultimate conversation piece!


Fun Colored Mailers
Why be boring when you can be colorful?

That is all we have found for now. Check back for future suggestions! Do you have a favorite tool? Share it below!


Although these supplies are great for a number of businesses, you can find out what we use them for here!

FYI: Disclaimers are required on blogs when the content may contain affiliate links or store links. I have no idea why but here is our disclaimer 🙂

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