Facebook Down

It was an interesting day on Facebook affiliated social media.  Images would not display and there were widespread issues with Facebook Live.  This lack of functionality left many direct sellers who rely on VIP groups and FB Parties, paralyzed.

These temporary issues with Facebook are certainly frustrating.  More than that, they should serve as a clear warning to diversity the way you work your business.  As the old saying goes, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.  Facebook (and it’s other holding Instagram)  is THE basket most direct sellers depend on.   Facebook has slowly changed the algorithms making it a pay-to-pal platform.  Each changes hurts independent direct sellers more than the last change, from group visibility to re-prioritizing the feed.

Ask yourself what you would do if Facebook went away tomorrow.  Start doing those today! If you are stuck for ideas, here are a few that do not rely on social media for success.

  1. Text.  Build a text list.  Get in the habit of sending out a quarterly special or share a new product.  You may even try a text party or pop-up sale with an image!
  2. Email.  Yes, email.  Response is slow but most people check it weekly. Get back in the habit of sending out a monthly client email.  Constant Contact is my pick because it allows direct sales companies.  Mail Chimp specifically prohibits our industry.
  3. Phone. Yes, call someone.  Leave a message is they don’t answer.  Follow up with a text or email with the information.

Remember that all marketing communications should be opt in per federal spam laws.  


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