Summer and Your Direct Sales Business!

Ahh Summer vacation… “mom, I am bored.. hungry.. want to go…” .  It can be such a challenge staying on task and focused.  So here are a few tips to get you through!
#1.  Set summer business hours.  It is okay to work less.  Have your hours and let nothing get in the way of them.  For example, you may decide to take off a few half days or block entire days out.  It is perfectly alright.  You will be surprised at what you can get done when you focus!
#2.  Make it a family affair.  Let your children know what concession you are making to allow summer plans.  Let them know that you can only do that if they let you work during your posted office hours.  Let them know what the pay off is for letting you work (a trip to the beach, a day at the pool).  And get them involved!  Can they pack orders, put on labels, file, sort paperwork?
#3 Make your business portable!  You can return phone calls from the pool just as easily as you can the office.  Use your power hour binder to increase your portability
#4 Get ready for reschedules.  They happen this time of year.  People are on vacation, no one is on a schedule and things push out on you.  Over book, schedule more one-on-one and go where the people are!  EVERY social situation doubles as an excellent prospecting, booking and selling event.  Not in an obnoxious way but drop a few product in your purse, wear your jewelry and be ready to share whenever the opportunity presents itself.
#5 Make your show summer friendly.  Offer pool side spas or shows that teach people how to pack a travel wardrobe, melt proof makeup or summer home makeovers.  Take advantage of the season!
Have a Happy Summer


This information was brought to you by Michelle Archer, DDST.  Michelle has over 20 years and a proven record in the Direct Sales industry.  Please visit the Direct Sales Institute to learn more at

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