Summer and Social Selling

Happy July Everyone!   I was thinking about all of the cookouts and pool parties that will be taking place across this great nation this weekend and my entrepreneurial mind sees OPPORTUNITY!  You do not have to be obnoxious to build your business in social situations.  All you need is a good business commercial and a few products!

Step 1 SHARE! The most natural thing in the world IS to ask another adult is “What do you do?”.  They will provide you the opportunity, all you need to do is seize it!  We need to be ready with a WOW answer!  Something that grabs their attention and makes them want to know more!    After you say your opener, the next thing they say should be “HOW?!?!?”  do you do that… do I get more information…much does it cost.  If they say how, you’ve got them!   Examples:
-I run a mobile day spa with decadent aromatherapy and med-spa facial treatments!
-I save women time and money by helping them stretch their wardrobe dollars with the right accessories
-I help women decorate their dream homes on a budget
-I help women look 10 years younger
-I light up people’s lives with hand crafted candles and accessories.
-I put the fun back into cooking with healthy recipes you can have on your table in 30 minutes or less

Step 2 is the CLOSE.  Now that they have asked for more info, turn to your products.  If it is wearable, lets hope you have it on.  Take off the jewelry and hand it to her, let her take ownership.  Talk about the skincare or what she will learn during a consultation or show, pull out a catalog!  You want to engage her and create desire for your product.

Step 3 SET THE APPOINTMENT!  Don’t leave that event with another number to call to add to all the other people you are supposed to call!  Book her on the spot for a consultation (a 1-on-1 is the easiest time to book a show) or a show if she seems excited about the prospect of hostessing.

Cleverly craft your Business commercial and post it here!!


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