FaceBook, FaceBook… Why hast thou forsaken me?

The recent changes to Facebook have us all a twitter.  It has become so much a part of our daily lives.  It is the way we stay connected, communicate and for some of us…. do business!  Unfortunately change is the only constant in this wonderful world of ours! Why?  I don’t know.  Its just the way it is.   As Jim Rohn says “When you get your own universe, you can make the rules”.  For now, we are all just guests here.

After much grumbling I went about trying to make the new format do what I wanted it to do.  First, if you use it with the default settings, everything is on your ticker but only selected posts appear in your feed  (again I don’t know why).   If you use it for business this creates a serious problem for you!  FB determines if your post should be a top story and appear in your “friends” feed.  Top stories are determined by: your relationship with the person, previous interaction and topic.  Those are things that are difficult for you to control.

My best fix is to follow the directions below to put your feed in chronological order and share this blog so all of your friends can correct their settings.  This will make your FB function more like it did before.  And no, there is not a way to get rid of the ticker.
>Go to your account
>Go to notifications
>At the top right uncheck that box that says minimize email
>Go to your home page
>Look for anything with a blue corner
>Click on the down arrow in the upper right and “unmark as top story”
Your feed should NOW appear in chronological order AND show all posts from your friends

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