Be a Trade Show Superstar!

I had the privileged of working a Bridal Show with some Consultants from NOUVEAU in Huntsville, AL yesterday.  It was so much fun to be back on the floor!  A Trade Show can be such a rush!  As I looked around at the other booths, I was reminded of a few Trade Show Tips that I wanted to share with my readers!

#1  Don’t sit behind your table.  It creates an “us and them mentality”.  Push that table to the back and make yourself approachable!  People will be more apt to “check it out” if your booth is welcoming!  That table across the front of the booth screams “STOP”!

#2 Be interactive! Find some way to let visitors sample your wares… Make a visit to your booth and experience they won’t forget!  We had them use a hand scrub and treated them to a hand massage while we shared the benefits of a Home Show.  Whatever your business is, find a way to add value to their stop by your booth!

#3 Don’t do a mass drawing for everyone who fills out a slip.  What you end up with is a box of people who have little interest in your company and were only trying to win something.  Follow up with these leads will be exhausting at best.  Run a show booking special and enter everyone who books an appointment into a drawing.  The show organizer should provide you with a list of leads anyway.  So leave there with Bookings and follow up on the master lead list.  That master list is really no more “qualified” than those you get through a drawing!

#4 Be ready to Greet.  This means not sitting or eating, talking on the phone or clustering with co-workers in the booth.  Be ready to greet your guests.  Smile and make eye contact with everyone who approaches.  A little busy work while facing the traffic flow will help you feel more comfortable!

#5 Make your display eye catching!  This means good visual rhythm with tidy lines and no clutter.  Don’t assault the viewer with everything you company offers.  Be sure displays are at varying heights and that there are no “dead spaces” in the field of vision.  The ladies did a lovely job with this booth!

Learn more about becoming a Trade Show Superstar at  You’ll find webinars and more in the member section!

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