Booth Follow Up Part 1

Ahhh the dreaded booth follow up.  You have 50 “lead sheets” and a 100 pound phone.  What’s a girl to do?  Well let’s start by NOT ending up in that situation.  Let’s start by effectively working a booth.

I know that when you go to trade shows that you see booth after booth with “fish bowl” drawings.  Let me let you in on a little secret… it isn’t because it works, its because they do not know any better.  So your first step is to QUIT doing “Enter here to win” drawings.

Instead, do targeted “Book to enter drawings”.  They will NEVER be more excited about booking than they are standing there in your booth.  If you can’t book them there with at least a tentative date… you probably can’t book them.  You can spend six months calling and you may book one, but there is an easier way!

Create a great reason to say YES! Make your incentive fun!  Use a prize wheel or book to look game as an immediate draw.  Also offer a grand prize.  You are far better served to walk away from a booth with 5 bookings than 50 leads.  Statistically, you will net about 5 bookings out of those 50 leads.  So save yourself the follow up.  BOOK  ‘EM on the spot!

Have a great party set up and demonstrable product for them to fall in love with.  Paint the vision in their head of how much fun their friends will have.  THEN say AND when you schedule a tentative date today… you get to spin our prize wheel AND your name goes into our Grand prize drawing for a $ Shopping SPREE!  (nod your head up and down while smiling)  THEN say… Generally speaking, what is the best DAY of the week for you to get a few friends together?  (Now wait for her answer.  She will give you one.  When she does pull out your booking calender for the next 6 weeks).  Say GREAT!  I have Tuesday (whatever day she says)  the 7 and Tuesday the 14th (your next 2 closest dates).  Which one would you like me to pencil you in for?  If they won’t book on the spot, definitely take their info BUT, expect the booking!

To make follow up less intimidating, make notes about them on the back of the lead sheet.  Any small detail will do.  She will be impressed that you remembered that she was meeting her Mom for lunch when you follow up.  The details distinguish you from the rest of the crowd.  YOU and SHE have a RELATIONSHIP!  So jot down everything as soon as she walks off including a physical description.

If you are working the booth with others, make sure you write your initials on the back so that you get the people you spoke to.  Following up with these people will be easier and more effective for everyone.

Look for part 2 coming soon!

 Michelle Archer is a certified coach with nearly 25 years experience in direct sales. Michelle works with companies and individuals to explode their business potential. Connect with her on Facebook Learn more at

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