Major/Minor Close

Closing techniques are not about being pushy.  They are just a little psychology.

Closing techniques work whether you are closing the sale, securing the booking date or finalizing a consultant agreement.  A personal favorite is the Major/Minor Close.  In this one, you take the pressure off of the major decision (yes or no) by giving them a minor decision to think about.  When they answer the minor question, they in effect, answer the major question!  It is definitely the “softer side” of closing which appeals to most women!  Let’s do a few examples!

Purchase (skincare)
“Sarah, you are going to LOVE the way your skin feels!  Your total comes to 187.13 (major).  Now you also get a free gift!  Would you like the eye makeup remover or the hydrating mist (minor)?

Booking (cooking show)
(Of course it takes some set up work to get to this point).  “Beth, your girlfriends are going to LOVE this!  You take a look at the calender (major-pick the date) and I will tell you about our themes (minor)! The options are: Cooking in a Flash, Wine Tasting and Just Desserts.  What do you think they will enjoy more?”

(This depends on how your company is structured.  A Launch Event usually works well.  You can also use a training date, free gift etc)
Carol,  I am so excited for you!  You fill out the highlighted part of the agreement (major) and we can talk about your launch event (minor).  I find that Tuesdays evenings work best.  How would that work for you?  Wonderful, how is the 16th?  I will be there with you to introduce your new business.


(on line agreement) “Carol,  I am so excited for you!  We will click through this short form and get your business supplies ordered (Major)!  Will you be using Visa or Master Card (minor)”

Have FUN practicing this technique.  The more you do it, the more natural it becomes!  You can learn more about closing techniques at DSI!

Happy Closing!


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