The Dice Game

This is a classic.  We played it back in the 90’s.  The premise is a game of chance.  Guests can “win” all sorts of prizes from free shipping, to free product to enhanced host rewards.  This is a book, sell , recruit game.  It can be modified for only booking or only sales should you wish.  It works equally well in a living room or virtually.

When do you play the Dice Game? 

After you help them fall in love with product.  After you have talked about product, product specials, host rewards and Consultant benefits.  This is a closer so your audience has to be warmed up.  If not, it falls flat and feels forced.

What do I use for dice? 

Use what you have but if you can plan ahead you can make it even more fun.

In person: large dice.  These are hilarious.  They inflate and deflate for easy storage.  It definitely gets attention and draws people in around the living room.  Use them at trade shows too!

Large foam dice show up nice on camera!

There are also hundreds of dice generators on-line. I like this one. Have them screen shoot and post their dice roll.

What Do the Numbers Mean?

Anything you want.  In my version the dice rolls correspond to numbered envelopes.  The gifts can be anything you decide depending on your product line.  Examples include:

2- Free Product {Consultant’s choice}
3- 10% Off Your Order
4- Rich Rewards as the Hostess With the Mostest  {Book}
5- BOGO on One Item
6- Rich Rewards as the Hostess With the Mostest  {Book}
7- Grand Prize Winner ($25 for example)
8- Tax Free Order
9- $15% Off Your Order
10- Free Shipping on Your Order
11- Golden Opportunity Pack (Opportunity pack with small gift)
12- $5 0ff Your Order

Introducing the Game

The method varies depending on the venue (in person versus virtual).  In any venue, get your Hostess involved.  You want her to go first and the others will follow!  if you are in person, let her be the dice keeper. The introduction might sound like:

“Let’s play a game!  I have BONUS dice. Every roll wins a bonus! You may roll a discount, free product, exclusive host rewards or the grand prize winner.  There are 11 bonuses in total {it is impossible to roll a 1 with two dice}.  Each person can only one bonus unless you take the double down deal.  I will explain that in a minute.  {Hostess} why don’t you start us off?

Let everyone roll and put the envelopes aside.  In person this will happen quickly. Virtually, ask them to roll the virtual dice and then post a screenshot of their number.  After everyone has rolled share the Double Down Offer  {announce or message them}.

Double Down

The guest may open their envelope or double the reward by scheduling a party.  If their envelope contains booking, they would earn double Host rewards or you could allow them to roll again.   Ask each guest {live, in messenger, face to face etc} if they are sticking with their envelope of doubling down.  People on the verge of booking will double definitely double down!   Book their date on the spot!

I hope this helps you Book, Sell, Win! Let me know how it goes!

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