Public Venting

Today’s Topic:  Public {Venting}.  I see this in groups so often and I don’t think people realize how detrimental it is to those around them.  I understand that Consultants feel like they are “just getting it off their chest” BUT what they are really doing is poisoning everyone around them.

{NOTHING} is solved as no one who has any power to change it can actually read the post.    Others will jump on the band wagon with other issues and now a mole hill becomes a mountain.  I have seen it destroy teams and even companies.  When you have concerns or frustrations, the best place to go is {ALWAYS} to your leader.   If it is a valid point, take it up the appropriate chain to the company or CEO.

Before you post, THINK.   Think of that brand new Consultant.  She is a little excited, a little nervous and she comes into the group for reinforcement that she is in the right place.  What does she receive instead?   {WHAM} complaint… gripe… derogatory comment…  What does that do to her?  It plays on her deepest fear, that she has made a mistake.   It crushes her {DREAM}.

Do’s and Don’ts
~{DON’T} post complaints on the client facing fan pages
~Do Get {OUT} of toxic groups, they poison you and rob you of your power
~Do remember that whatever you focus on {GROWS}.
~Life is imperfect, be {SOLUTION} focused
~{SURROUND} yourself with like minded individuals
~Keep emails to your company {CONSTRUCTIVE}.  You will find that you get better results
~Don’t make a {PERMANENT} decision based on a temporary situation

Be blessed today and be a blessing to those around you.  You are destined for great things!  Make them happen.

 Michelle Archer is a certified coach with nearly 25 years experience in direct sales. Michelle works with companies and individuals to explode their business potential. Connect with her on Facebook Learn more at

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