80 Revolutions Around the Sun

In honor of my dearest Aunt, Helen King who received EXACTLY 80 revolutions around the sun. She collapsed on Sunday September 22nd, her birthday.  

As I sit in her living room today, I am  reminded of of the fragility of life.  How someone can be here one day and then gone in the very next second.  All their work left undone, projects unfinished leaving only holes in the lives of those left behind.   I am reminded us of how fleeting life is and how unappreciative of it we truly are.  

So many of us spend our week wishing away our very lives. We get up on Monday morning and grumble that it is Monday.  We celebrate “hump” day and we pray for Friday to get here quickly.  All the while ignoring the fact that each hour… each minute… each second is a gift.  2,522,880,000 seconds. That is {on average} all that we receive.  We are GIFTED with 42,048,000 minutes…  700800 hours. 

Does that stop your heart?  It doesn’t hardly seem possible that … {THAT}… is all we receive.  There must be more, right?  Here is the hard part… that is the average of what receive.  We may not get that much.  We may be given less and expected to accomplish more.  

80 revolutions may be all we get to share our God given gifts with the world…to fulfill the work we have been sent here to do.  That may be all the time we get to let our light shine.  And if that life is short, we MUST shine all the brighter.  We have to work to accomplish it all and even though the day is short, the workload is the same.  

It’s Wednesday, the week is half over.  Let us celebrate the rest of the week. Let’s make a pact that we will relish every day… make each day our masterpiece… live it like it our last.    

Next Monday, CELEBRATE the start of a new week!  Monday is a gift that far too may are denied. If you are not fulfilled where you are (in your life, in your job), then seek higher ground! BUT, be grateful.  Many do not receive the tomorrow. For many, all they have is this day.  It is all the time they have left.

Wake up each day and embrace what the Creator has endowed you with. What God gives us, is his blessing to us.  What we give back is our gratitude to Him and our blessing to others.  
Will we choose to leave a lasting legacy behind? Will we use EVERY second effectively?  Will we enjoy each precious moment given to us? 

 Michelle Archer is a certified coach with nearly 25 years experience in direct sales. Michelle works with companies and individuals to explode their business potential. Connect with her on Facebook Learn more at http://directsalesinstitute.com/

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