Halloween Holiday of Dreams

Halloween has always been a favorite of mine.  It is a Holiday of dreams, of imagination, of limitless opportunity.  For just one night, you can be anything you want.  It’s a night of make believe where a crown and a pair of slippers turns you into a real princess… a stethoscope turns you into a doctor…a cape transforms you into a super hero!

I recall a few years ago, our daughter was having “mean girl” trouble.  That year for Halloween, she chose the comic book hero, Black Widow.  Black Widow was a strong female hero who was undaunted and sure of herself.  It was amazing what a $29 costume and boots from Rack Room Shoes did for Sydney’s self confidence.  Those simple things put her in a place where the mean girls couldn’t touch her.  For weeks afterwards, she would call on her inner “Black Widow” when she felt unsure or alienated.  For me, this is the gift of Halloween.

This year she is Princess Buttercup from the movie, The Princess Bride.  Why you may ask?  Who knows but I have no doubt that the character Princess Buttercup holds a quality that Sydney either admires or needs more of in her life.

We can’t wait for all the children to come through tonight  and watch them live out a fantasy on this magical eve.  Here is hoping each of them finds their inner strength to be all that they were created to be!

Happy Halloween from the Archer’s and DSI!

———————————————- Michelle Archer is a certified coach with nearly 25 years experience in direct sales. Michelle works with companies and individuals to explode their business potential. Connect with her on Facebook Learn more at http://directsalesinstitute.com/

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