Profiles in Success 1

For our new Profiles in Success series, I thought I would start with my story.

I was raised the eldest child of a single Mom.  We were latch key kids before it was a “thing”.   We got dropped off to an empty house, had snacks in an empty house and did homework in an empty house.  I had a tremendous amount of responsibility caring for 2 younger siblings.  I knew that when I had children, I wanted a better option.

Fast forward to college where I paid my way through by waiting tables and with a seasonal direct selling business.  After graduation I married a military man.  With my fancy new degree and 60K in student loans I discovered a single frightening fact, I was unhireable!  No one wanted to hire and train and employee who was guaranteed to be gone in 2 years and 6 months. I realized that I had wasted a small fortune for the opportunity to work for minimum wage.

Into my life walked my old friend direct selling.  I spent about 15 years in one company.  My direct selling business allowed me a lifestyle and experiences I would never have had otherwise.  As an Army wife restarting her life every 2.5  years, I found an instant support network in my sister Consultants.  To this day, there isn’t a city where I don’t have a friend.  Even as I type, the faces of team members and clients flash through my mind putting a smile on my face and mist in my eyes.   It is a beautiful life.

I also found tremendous growth in this industry.  I went from an insecure girl to a confident entrepreneur because of direct sales and the lessons it offers.  I learned that I alone controlled my attitude, my altitude and my destination.  I discovered that here, it didn’t matter where you came from.  It only matters where you are heading. I found my purpose, my passion and my mission in this industry… uplifting and empowering others.

Direct Sales allowed me to be the Mother I never had.  I stayed home with my daughter.  I was there when she said her first word, sat up for the first time and took her first step.  I got her ready in the morning, picked her up after school and chaperoned field trips.  I was there to help with home work and play after school.  Direct sales allowed me to be a full time Mother WHILE providing for her.

Direct Sales allowed me the opportunity to create experiences for my family that would never have been possible with another career.  My daughter’s first time on a beach was at the Ritz Carlton on Maui at 2 years old.  I had come a long way from my latch key childhood and muddy creeks in middle Tennessee.  My Husband has played the green Monster in Doral (and won the long drive competition)  because I earned a trip for us. We never made a car payment, but drove brand new cars.   Our lives were and are full of rich relationships and experiences because of direct sales

What about the money.. let’s talk about the money.  In the early days I paid electric bills.  Later, I paid the mortgage.  Even later, I out earned my Husband.  Besides the cash money, I earned jewelry, electronics and countless other things.  Weekly, a gift of some sort arrived for achievements.  Lord know what the UPS man though I was receiving as I anxiously stood at the curb waiting for my package!

Then, I built my dream by helping people look younger, feel prettier and save money.  I did it by providing a superior product at a superior price with superior service.  It wasn’t about selling something, it was about taking care of people.  I was woven into their lives from first forays into makeup to proms to weddings.  I attended baby showers and funerals all greeted like family.  My clients and my team were my family and I was theirs. There is no more personal business than that of direct selling.

These days I draw on my experience as a field leader to empower people to build their dream life.  I build strong leaders, teams and companies who provide superior products at a superior price and service others through product. Every day I see the way that this business changes lives.  Nothing can equal the gifts this industry has to give.

I always chuckle when people say they don’t “believe in direct sales”.   I am believer and so are millions of others from the clients I serviced to the team members I partnered with.  15 million strong and living the dream!



———————————————- Michelle Archer is a certified coach with nearly 25 years experience in direct sales. Michelle works with companies and individuals to explode their business potential. Connect with her on Facebook Learn more at

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