Social Media Marketing

The popular “Let me share to your wall” post is once again making its rounds.  It usually looks something like this:


This is a classic example of misunderstanding a marketing opportunity.  When you go to a friend’s wall (ar a fan page) and create a sales post… it LOOKS like spam.  Viewers have no idea that the page owner agreed.  You, by proxy look like a spammer.  Your friend’s friends think that she is being taken advantage of.  They are not likely to do business with you for fear you may spam their wall too. The post also assumes that the reader isn’t interested in your business… not the best marketing message to send.

This can be effective with one, tiny, minor change… you ask your friend to post on your behalf.  THIS is referral marketing.  Your friend is now ENDORSING your business… voluntarily sharing what she loves with her friends.


First, assume that EVERYONE wants what you have!  Suggestively sell how amazing your product is.  Why would they even agree to share something that they are not sold on?

Then offer a small gift, drawing or reward to friends who share a promotional post written in first person raving about a product or the benefits of hosting.  Give them words to use.  That post may sound like:

Oh my goodness!  I love my new candles that I got from Susie Jones.  I can’t believe I have never tried Chloe’s Candle Company.  Susie thank you so much for introducing me to the natural, soy based line!  If you need candles reach out to Susie!  You are going to love these!  I may even host a party I love them so much! 
{insert pictures}

Now her friends see her enthusiasm which is much more likely to sell them versus a stranger posting a sales post on their friend’s wall.  As with everything, success lies in the nuances!

Happy Marketing!



2 thoughts on “Social Media Marketing

  1. Karen Clark says:

    It also just doesn’t really work! Only the friend and your mutual friends see it in the feed so it’s not likely to get you any new exposure unless people comment on it. No one really goes to your timeline to read posts. Much more harm can be done with this type of post than good!


    • Michelle Archer says:

      Great additional point Karen. The reach is limited. There are far more effective methods to employ via social media. This one is another case of a “monkey see, monkey do” social media policy.


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